We believe in the value of building healthy communities through addressing the built environment. Our highly experienced, intuitive and human-centered team can facilitate and guide your project or your community through a process of defining clear goals that lead to actions that directly meet your intended outcomes. Our name, Open Spaces NW, comes from our commitment to see the full potential of your project, and to help you open the door to new vistas or approaches.
On a global level, sustainability is at the forefront of research and business strategy in almost every major industry. We believe there is a growing, but not yet fully revealed, market transformation toward simplicity that will become a main focal point for creation of a more systemically integrated and better world. The green building movement, progressively effective energy codes, renewable resources, electric cars and battery storage systems, are but a few examples of the newly emerging themes in our built environment. As society moves more and more rapidly toward a carbon-based economy, let the space you control be the one that serves you best.