Strategic Trailblazing


At Open Spaces Northwest our focus is on delivering actionable process and high value product that will increase your bottom line through reduction of energy and environmental waste streams. Our partners have a combined 80 years of direct experience with buildings from design and construction consultation to training and education; facilitation of goals, objectives and strategic plans; and development of practical guidelines that will help you make lasting core business transformation.


We are leading efforts towards progressively effective energy codes that raise the bar for everyone.


Commercial Real Estate

Our clients have included Fortune 100 companies and the largest property managers and developers in Idaho. 


Communities + School Districts

We work with communities and school districts across the nation to develop a strategic process to conserve energy, lower emissions and increase resilience.


Design + Construction

The design and construction industry can look to us to provide best practices based on LEED and other advanced strategies through charrette facilitation, design consults and trainings.



With combined experience on over 100 LEED projects, we are striving to go above the bar and have worked on more LEED projects in Idaho than anyone else and offer a streamlined process for achieving certification.



Our goal is to guide owners and developers who are looking to maximize bottom line, incorporate greater quality control or gain a competitive marketing edge.